Emana is not only comfortable and athletic apparel, available in various forms: leggings, three-quarter lengths and undergarments. It's also a great aid for women everywhere, able to make skin younger and improve elasticity. At the same time, it improves heat regulation of the body and increases muscle energy and resistance. The product name derives from the fabric itself: a special fibre that has been patented and certified at international level. Emana's secret is found within Polyamide Rhodia 6.6: a yarn with bioactive materials able to absorb heat from the human body and emit infrared rays back to the skin. PolyamideRhodia 6.6 hasthreeprincipal benefits:


  • Biostimulation of the metabolism
  • Cutting down on the appearance of cellulite and 'orange peel skin'
  • Reducing muscle fatigue


 Every item of clothing from Emana maintains these qualities even after countless washes!